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Day 1

What an exciting first day we have had!

After a slighly delayed start, we set off from school at midday and made it to Winchester Services in good time where we all stopped for a well deserved spot of lunch. After the children had stretched their legs (and the teachers had fuelled themselves with coffee!) we set off on the coach again to Osmington Bay.

Throughout the journey the children entertained the coach with renditions of wheels on the bus and pineapple pen (much to the teachers excitement!). After and hour and a half on the coach we finally arrived at Osmington Bay and were greeted by Jake and Brenda who gave us a tour of the site and showed us where we were going to stay.

Arriving at Osmington Bay
Mr Boyle helping the children with their bags

The children and teachers were given time to settle into their chalets and explore their surroundings before being whisked off to the dining room for a lovely meal which everyone thoroughly enjoyed! After dinner Jake and Brenda took us to a Little Wembly, a multi purpose sports pitch, where the children played a game called Fishy Fishy. A group of children were the seaweed and another group were the sharks. The sharks objective was to run through the seaweed without getting caught. As you can imagine, children had immense fun trying to avoid the seaweed!

The sharks running through the seaweed
The seaweed waiting to catch the sharks!

The children are currently doing their final activity of the night, Passport to the Word where they have to work in groups to find country flags dotted around the site. The team who finds the most flags wins the game! As I currently type the children are running around the site hunting for flags and are having an absolute blast!

Children getting ready for Passport to the World

UPDATE! When the children returned from their Passport to the World activity, a spread of cake and squash was provided by teachers which didn’t touch the sides! It was also Dom’s 11th birthday so he kindly bought the group some Maowam’s to share. After everyone had finished their scrummy food, the children were allowed some free time in their rooms to shower and prepare for bed.

As you can imagine, this caused HUGE EXCITEMENT amongst the children as they were free to chat and play in their rooms with no adults to boss them around! When it came to lights out, Teachers did knock on doors and pop heads in to tell the children that they needed to stop what they were doing and get into bed. I must say that the children were VERY WELL BEHAVED during this time and all got off to bed at 10pm sharp!

We would like to thank all our lovely Year 6 parents who waited patiently whilst the coach arrived this morning and to those who assisted with loading luggage onto the coach. 

Good night!