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Day 2

Welcome to day two of the Osmington Bay Blog, what an eventful day we’ve had so far!

After a peaceful nights sleep, the children were woken at 7.20am and taken down to breakfast where they could choose from a full english (I had this myself and it was spot on!), porridge, cereals, fruits, toast and yogurt. There was also a nice selection of drinks including tea, coffee, squash and fruit juice.

When the children (and our blurry eyed teachers!) had finished their breakfast, three of our groups went on a morning hike. The weather was slightly overcast this morning which was perfect as it wasn’t too hot or cold. During our walk we travelled through Weymouth with beautiful thatched cottages and farm land around us. There were lots of cowpats and stiles to negotiate in the fields, much to the amusement of the children!

As a reward for a busy morning of walking, we let the children go to dairy farm where they could buy an ice cream with their pocket money. The other two groups who were not on the hike took part in Aeroball, Abseiling and Trapeze which was throughly enjoyed by all!

Leaping for Aeroball victory!
Mid-Air Areoball Jump!
Preparing to Abseil
Navigating the Abselling Wall

All groups then met for lunch and had a bite to eat before afternoon activities. Mr Pugh’s and Mr Boyle's groups, went on a Sensory Trail where the children were blindfolded and had to guide each other through obstacles using only their voice and sense of touch to reach the end of the trail safely. The children found the trail hilarious and did have a few stumbling points, but managed to solve problems by working together.

Children being guided to the trail
The tunnel!
Discovering different shapes by touch

This evening we all headed down to the shop where the children could spend their pocket money on anything they wanted (we tried to discourage them from buying sweets, but the temptation proved too much for some!). The children are now preparing for a session by the campfire before enjoying some free time in their rooms and lights out after another fun filled day!

Check back for more excitement tomorrow!