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Year 3 Basketball Tournament

Today, the whole of year 3 took part in an exciting intra basketball tournament from 9:30 to lunchtime!

The year were split into 6 teams: reds, greens and blues from 3 Larch and pinks, yellows and non-bibs from 3 Maple. Each team was comprised of 5 girls and 5 boys.

Ready to play!

Throughout the tournament, the focus was on sportsmanship, team spirit and basketball skill. Miss Mazzi, Miss Barton, Mrs Reilly and Mrs Cregg worked hard refereeing all the courts and noticed some great dribbling and passing! 

Girls practising some dribbling and passing
The boys also had a go too!

All the children had an amazing time and played with such respect. We would like to say a special thanks to Coach Peter Jenner who has been working with the children over the last 6 weeks, teaching them how to carry out various drills, as well as how to conduct themselves on the court.

Coach Peter Jenner showing the Year 3's how its done!