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Fit 4 Kids 'Healthy Me' Workshop

Today, Fit 4 Kids lead a 'Healthy Me' workshop in school - come and see what we discovered!

During the workshop we were reminded of three things that we can do to keep healthy:

  1. To eat healthily
  2. To exercise for 30 minutes per day
  3. To get enough sleep

We looked at the food groups and what our plate and portion should look like and we were reminded how to use the traffic light system on packaging. We also played a game to guess how much sugar was in Coke, Lucozade, Haribo and chocolate. We were all really shocked!

The amount of sugar in our sweet treats!
Doing some lunges
Touching our toes
Practising our skipping

We then did some circuit training, before ending with relay races. 

Relay racing