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Catholic Social Teaching

Autumn 1st half-term: Care for Creation (Stewardship) 

Our world was made by God. It is our duty to take care of our world. We think carefully about Pope Francis’ guidance in his ‘Laudato Sii’ encyclical. We work hard to look after our common home, and educate others about sustainability. 

Autumn 2nd half-term: Human Dignity (Dignity of the Human Person) 

God made each one of us, in his image. We understand that each one of us is truly special, important and worthy of God’s protection. 

Spring 1st half-term: Solidarity and peace (Solidarity and the common good) 

God made all of us and His wish for us is peace. We consider the lives of our brothers and sisters across the world and support them in finding peace. 

Spring 2nd half-term: Option for the poor and vulnerable 

God wants all of us to help people who are poor, people who don’t have enough food, people who don’t have a safe place to live, or a community to call their own. We participate in our Lenten Giving project, raising funds, awareness and advocating for local, national and international charities. 

Lenten Giving Project 2024

As part of our Catholic Social Teaching principle of 'option for the poor and vulnerable' each year group chose an important local, national or international charity to raise awareness and fundraise for. These charities were carefully chosen as they have a personal connection to our children, our families, or our staff.

We are so proud of our children as they planned, advertised and participated in all of the fundraising events with very minimal help from their teachers, and plenty of support from the GIFT Team!

Our charities day in March was full of fun and excitement, but the children could explain clearly who are what they were fundraising for, demonstrating great maturity and understanding of our Catholic values.

We are delighted to announce the wonderful news that over £2000 in total was raised, and will be sent to the charities chosen by each year group:

Reception: £181 for St Luke's Hospice

Year 1: £136 for Children's pyjamas for hospitals

Year 2: £199 for Brain Tumour Charity

Year 3: £179 for Young Minds

Year 4: £283 for Harrow Firm Foundation

Year 5: £103 for Maggie's cancer support

Year 6: £1059 for The Laurels Nursing Home

Our grateful thanks to our children, staff and parents for supporting our Lenten Giving Project 2024.

We can see true faith in action at St Anselm's. 

Summer 1st half-term: Community and participation (Family and community) 

God made us to be part of communities, families and countries. We can all share what we have, and help each other. 

Summer 2nd half: Dignity of work

Work is an important part of God’s plan for our adults and our families. God wants jobs and pay to be fair for all workers.