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Community Activities

As a school we often have activities promoted by Harrow Council and their partnerships which parents may find useful. Please see below activites/courses which may be of interest.

Activity/Course Details

Volunteers at North Harrow community library will be hosting a homework club for Key Stage 2 students and above.

This will be a drop in, taking place every Saturday between 11:30am-12:30pm and between 2pm-3pm. Students will be given a safe place to concentrate on their homework or revision with computers and books to use at their will.

The children will also be able to get help from library volunteers if any extra support is required. During the drop in, Parents will need to remain in the building due to safety rules and regulations (for children in Years 3-6).

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"Making Harrow the Safest Borough in London"

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FREE forensic coding for your valuables - GET SMART IN HARROW

Dear Resident,

SmartWater is a forensic fluid containing millions of microscopic particles that make up an individual property identification code. SmartWater can be a deterrent against burglary.

How it works

Unique code number             

Each free SmartWater solution kit contains a forensic fingerprint

unique to your household. It has a unique reference number that

is registered on the SmartWater national database and can be

detected by the police using an ultra violet light.


Applying SmartWater solution is easy. The solution is quick drying, practically invisible and can be applied in seconds to a wide range of items. When dry it is non-hazardous and virtually impossible to remove completely. It is not easily detectable under normal light conditions but glows under ultra violet light. 

Forensic property marking system

The forensic property marking system provides your valuables with an unprecedented degree of identification, so powerful that it has been likened in concept to DNA profiling. SmartWater solution will provide details of ownership instantly.   

Items suitable for SmartWater marking: Televisions, stereos, laptops, cameras, mobile phones, bicycles, garden tools, lawn mowers, golf clubs and fishing tackle. 

Please contact us on 020 8721 2780 or by email at to make an appointment.


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