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Catholic Life

St Anselm

Prayer to St Anselm

Saints in Rome & Beyond!: St Anselm

Grant lord God,
That we may cleave to you without parting,
Worship you without wearying,
                                     Serve you without failing,                                        
Faithfully seek you, 
Happily find you, 
Forever possess you,
The one only god,
Blessed for all eternity.

The History of St Anselm

St Anselm was born in Aosta, Italy in 1033. When he was 16, St Anselm showed an interest in entering a monastery, but his father would not give him permission. Anselm's love of God continued to grow and in 1061 he became a priest and joined a monastery in Normandy, France. In 1093, Anselm was made the Arch Bishop of Canterbury and he was responsible for parishes in Harrow. Anselm visited Harrow and he consecrated St Mary's Church in 1094 and this is why our school has been named in his memory. 

St Mary Harrow on the Hill - A Church Near You  Harrow on the Hill | Surrey Medieval

St Anselm's Day 2023

Our day began with a whole school Mass, which was beautifully led by 5 Poplar. Key Stage 2 then completed a pilgrimage to St Mary’s Church to retrace St Anselm’s footsteps. Rev. James Power spoke to the children about why St Anselm visited Harrow and he showed them the icon and stained-glass window that have been installed in St Anselm’s honour. Back at school, EYFS and Key Stage 1 put their creative skills to use to make their own stained glass windows, portraits of St Anselm and some mitres fit for a bishop.