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Day 5

The final day has arrived! Do we really have to come home!?

Teachers woke the children at 6.45am to begin preparing for our return journey home and for some final activities. I was honestly shocked at how well organised everyone was this morning.....I literally did a double take when I came down to breakfast at 7.20am and found all beds striped, bags packed and rooms emptied! To date this has been the most organised group of Year 6's we have seen! WELL DONE CHILDREN!

After breakfast the children had an Areoball tornament. For this activity everyone was put into teams of two and had to climb into a netted trampoline separated into four sections so two teams could compete at once.  Each section contained a goal that the opposing partner had to throw their ball into in order to score a goal. The children absolutly loved bouncing around on the trampolines and took great delight in making Mr Pugh chase around the trampolines for balls that were thrown too high! Thanks guys! *takes moment to catch breath!*

Jumping high!
Striking a pose!
Getting ready to score!

After a competitive Areoball tournament everyone headed to Orienteering. In this activity the children were split into groups of three and were all given a series of maps with points to memorise. Our instructor had laid out a series of lettered cones that all corresponded to points on their map. The objective was to find each point on the map and memorise its position before returning to the instructor to recite their locations. If a team provided locations in the correct sequence they given a new map to solve.  The children breezed through this and throughly enjoyed the challenge!

Finding the map points
Teams reading their maps

After completing the challenge we headed down to the Gazebo where our instructor gave each group a map with locations around the site and a checkpoint card to mark them off with once found. All groups were dispatched to find each location whist the teachers retreated into the shade to apply some much needed aftersun (it was HOT!). The children loved this part of Orienteering as they could literally go anywhere they wanted without teachers cramping their style!

When all children had returned from their activity we gathered on the green where PGL provided us all with a packed lunch before boarding the coach home. I will definitely miss the tasty jacket potatos, fried breakfasts and fajitas! They were honestly so tasty! 

With our bellys full we then headed back to the chalets where the children assisted teachers in carrying luggage down to the coach. This was no easy feat as the chalets were up a hill and the carpark was at the bottom. The childrens determination really shone through as they all worked in teams to carry the larger bags down and were a huge help!

Having packed all our bags onto the coach we then had one last game and said goodbye to our wonderful PGL team leaders Jake and Brenda who were with us throughout the week and had a great rapour with the children who will miss them. We then started our journey home which was very smooth until we reached Heathrow where the traffic was fairly built up and reached school at 6:45pm where parents were cheering us on! 

Before leaving the coach we took a teacher selfie and had an unexpected photo bomber.......Kacper!

Our super cool teachers!

Before signing off I would like to say what a pleasure it has been to work along side Year 6 this year, you should all be very proud of your children as they have been absolute stars and we will miss them all greatly when they leave in July.

Thank you for all your lovely feedback on the Osmington Blog! I'm over the moon that you have all enjoyed it so much! I will be creating a photo gallery on the website soon, so please watch this space!

Mr Pugh