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Isle of Wight 2018

And we’re off!! Our bags are packed, the children are bouncing off the walls with excitement and the teachers are raring to go!....well, after a much needed burst of caffeine that is! Find out all the latest goings on here!

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  • 15/06/18

    Day 5

    Our last day already? Booo! Do we have to come home?!
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  • 14/06/18

    Day 4

    We're going to the seaside and boogying down in the disco! See all the funky details here! 
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  • 13/06/18

    Day 3

    We had a surprise visit today from two very special guests.....find out who here!
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  • 12/06/18

    Day 2

    Come and see what we got up to on our walk across the Culver and our furry friend we met on the way! 
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  • 11/06/18

    Day 1

    What a day of excitement for us all! Find out all the goings on from day one here! 
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