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Day 1

What a day of excitement for us all! Find out all the goings on from day one here! 

After a slight delay with the coach, the children said an emotional goodbye to their parents and were split into their groups of 15 which then boarded our waiting coach. Mrs Monahan started the trip by joining the children and staff together in a prayer to St Anselm ensuring our safe journey to the Isle of Wight and an enjoyable trip for all! Mrs Redmond and Mrs O’Connell also saw the children off and gave them their best wishes!

We would like to take a moment to thank all parents and staff for their assistance with loading bags onto the coach and for their cooperation whilst waiting for the coach to arrive. The children were very well behaved during this time and we would like to give special thanks to them for their patience! Our coach departed school at 10:15 where we then started our journey down to Lymington to catch the 1pm ferry to the Isle of Wight.  

During the coach trip, the staff enjoyed some lovely renditions of songs from Joseph and even a bit of Tom Jones thrown in for good measure! Believe me when I say, strange things happen on school coaches! Us teachers hear all sorts! As we approached the ferry terminal.......the coach broke down, just shy of the ferry entrance!

This meant an exciting excursion onto the ferry as foot passengers, something that none of us had never done before and that was actually quite fun in the end! We would like to thank our coach driver Brian for all his efforts in trying to get the coach moving for us again! Unfortunately the gear box had failed which meant he could not move the coach anywhere!

Luckily, an engineer was hot footing it down to fix the coach and another coach was waiting to meet us at the other end when we got off the ferry. Our original coach was eventually able to make it across to us and deliver our luggage, which we had to abandon in the hurry to make the ferry as foot passengers. I should also mention that our original coach arrived to camp safely after its break down and ALL luggage was reunited with staff and children!

Some of the beautiful views from across the solent (apologies for the dodgy angle!)
Playing some Bop It!
Striking a pose!

Another small ride later and we eventually made it to our camp where we were greeted by Karl our Kingswood rep who gave us a tour around the camp and where we would be staying for the night. This was then followed by a small break where the children were allowed to settle into their lodges before we started our first afternoon activities including Leap of Faith, Field Games, Archery and Balance Beam to name a few!

The children meeting Karl our Kingswood rep!
Playing some head and catch in field games!
Hitting some wickets!
Shooting some arrows!

After an action packed first day and some lovely food in the cafeteria, including buttermilk chicken and some lush homemade lasagne - we are now having some free time in our rooms before lights out, more photos from our adventures today can be seen by  CLICKING HERE! Night night and see you all tomorrow!