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Day 3

We had a surprise visit today from two very special guests.....find out who here!

Today started just like any other day. The children woke up, we all lined up quietly and went down to breakfast as normal. However..........little did we know that Mrs Monahan and Mrs Redmond were on their way down to visit us on the train to Portsmouth where they the boarded a ferry to the Isle of Wight! (Dun dun dunnn! I hear you cry!).

As we lined up for our first activities of the day, the children suddenly saw a very familiar pair of faces coming towards them and all let out screams of excitement! Everyone was in shock, including us teachers who had no idea at all!

Mrs Monahan and Mrs Redmond joined us on a couple of activities followed by a whistle stop tour of the camp and some much needed lunch in the canteen. They then joined Miss Scannells group on the Culver walk before leaving to return back to school. 

This afternoon the children were all allowed to visit the tuck shop where they could spend their pocket money on whatever they wanted. The lure of sweets did sway a few, but other Children including myself bought some litte Isle of Wight nic-nacs for their loved ones. 

All groups then split into their activities for the day. This included Team Tech where the children were split into teams of two in a Dragons Den style event. Each team was given a bag of mystery objects that the children then had to build into a product, this was then judged by the teacher and instructor. In one of the groups the first team created a scooter that could be folded down making it easy to transport. This came with some accessories that could also be used to bling up the scooters.

Team ones scooter!

The second team made a doggie transporter designed to aid dogs with disabilities or who were unable to easily walk. This came with some doggie toys the children designed with the remaining objects.

Team twos doggie transporter!

Both projects were really creative as all the children worked very cooperatively together! After much deliberation between the judges, they decided to make team two the winners, we could like to offer our congratulations to all involved!

Another activity a couple of the groups took part in was nightline. In this activity the children had to make their way through a sensory trail whilst blind folded and holding the waist of the camp mate in front of them. The children found this highly amusing as they had to negotiate their way through some very tricky obstacles whilst the instructors and teachers messed around with them by spraying water and tapping their arms with leaves and branches as they went though each obstacle. It was honestly hilarious and the children thoroughly enjoyed it!

Following the blind trail
Negotiating the rope trail
Crawling under the camoflauge!

After another busy day of activities we then sat down to a lovely roast dinner and some teriyaki pork before returning to our lodges for a bit of free time and some hot cocoa. We are now getting ready for bed and an exciting day on the beach tomorrow! Tune in for more fun and excitement then!

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