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Day 5

Our last day already? Booo! Do we have to come home?!

Today has been a very busy day as we prepared for our return to school. The children woke up at about 7am and all looked very weary after a week packed full of activities! Us teachers did not want to get out of bed either and wanted to stick the alarm on snooze (the temptation was huge! Just five more minutes please?! Zzzzz!).

After waking up, we all started to strip our beds and pack our bags ready for loading onto our coach. We then all took our bags and put them into the giant yurt in the middle of the camp ready for us to take down to reception. The children were very organised with this and cleared all their cabins in under an hour which was fantastic!

With everything prepped we then headed down to our final breakfast before completing a final activity and departing Kingswood. Today we did some environmental art, this involved the children splitting up into groups and finding pieces of anything in the local area (e.g. twigs, charcoal, pebbles, chalk) and making them into a little work of art. 

Building the foundations
Crafting some fish out of twigs

The children came up with some wonderful ideas for this and really let their creative juices flow! They were all given roughly an hour to comb the field we were on for items they could use in their art and turn them into some of the beautiful artworks seen below.

William, Alfie and Grzegorz's artistic interpretation of plastic pollution in the sea 
Thomas, Ruben and Bartosz's island paradise
Heather, Sophia Rose and Hanna's interpretation of the Bembridge coast line
Olivia, Helena and Freya's model village
Aleksandra, Hanna and Cindy's miniature campfire

The children all received a huge round of applause from the teachers and instructor who were blown away with the creativity and abstractness they had seen with the items used. This was a nice chilled out activity to end our time at Kingswood and gave us all time to gather our thoughts before heading to collect our final lunch and begin boarding our coach back to school!

After our final activity, we returned to our lodges where we all picked up our bags and took them across to reception where our coach was now waiting for us. Whilst our luggage was being loaded onto the coach, we all went to the canteen to pick up our packed lunches consisting of either a ham, cheese salad or tuna bap, some crisps, a muffin and a bottle of water that we then took onto the coach for eating on the ferry later.

After everyone had been to the toilet and all the bags were packed, we calmly loaded onto the coach and waved goodbye to Kingswood to start our journey home. I am happy to say that this time round the coach made it safely to the ferry port after having its gearbox repaired and was running as smooth as a sailors boat gliding across the ocean! Once we were on the ferry we all tucked into our packed lunches which were actually really tasty! Especially after sticking some crisps into the bap! Honestly, you need to make a crisp sandwich, they're out of this world!

After departing the 1 O'Clock ferry at Lymington we then had to contend with traffic on the M25 which was horrendous due to an earlier accident. This added roughly an extra hour onto our journey time. However, the children kept all our sprits up by singing songs they had learnt from their instructors during their time at Kingswood. We even had some harmonising going on between the back and front of the coach! Mrs Ponnaganti would have been proud!

Despite all the traffic, we actually made it back to school just 10 minutes later than we were expecting, all thanks to Brian's fantastic coach driving of course!  As the children saw all of their parents waiting, the whole coach was literally shaking with excitement and song as we turned the corner towards school. We then pulled up by the church and exited the coach like celebrities in true St Anselm's style!

Before signing off, we would just like to say a huge thank you to all the children for being so well behaved throughout the journey and to the parents for their kind words on our return.  We were really humbled by this and had a lovely time away with your children!

Most importantly, a huge thank you to all staff for their excellent care of the children during their journey and especially to Mrs Throgood our first aider who did a stirling job keeping the children fit and healthy!  Special thanks also go to Miss Boyle our school leader who kept everything running smoothly for us during our trip, especially on the admin side!

Photos from our final day on the Isle of Wight can be seen by CLICKING HERE!

We wish Year 6 the best of luck in their future endevours!

Mr Pugh