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Weekly Update - 6th December 2019

This week we have been busy keeping our flowers watered and looking at the Plastic crisis and how this can impact us all, come and see what we got up to!

To begin the week, we started by watering our flowers we planted during our previous article. The cold weather has slowed down their growth a little bit, but, we are hoping with a little winter sunshine that they will start to flourish!

Taking turns to water our flowers

On Wednesday 4th December, the Green Ambassadors learnt about the plastic crisis. We were shocked to find out that plastic can be found in some surprising places i.e. some shampoos, face washes and even toothpaste!

We were amazed to discover that it can take plastic a very long time to decompose meaning that a plastic bottle can last up to 500 years! Sadly, this means that a plastic container dropped in the ocean and put in a landfill site could still be there in the year 2518!

Researching into plastic pollution around the world

We are currently researching how other countries deal with with plastic pollution and the methods they use to prevent this from becoming more widespread.