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Year 4 Plastic Pollution

Year 4 have been learning about plastic pollution and the effects it has on the environment around us. Come and see what they discovered!

This term, Year 4 have been learning about plastic pollution. The Key objectives we covered were;

  1. Why do we use so much plastic?
  2. What are the problems with plastic?
  3. What is being done by the government and companies to tackle the plastic problem?
  4. What can we all do to help?

The children did an audit of local shops, cafes and supermarkets in Harrow and some children interviewed them about how eco friendly they are whilst others explored their websites. 

Tamuka's Business Audit
Jack's Business Audit

We made bioplastic as an alternative to conventional plastic and also explored the affects of plastic on marine life.

Eoghan creating his bioplastic
Jack creating his bioplastic

In addition to this, the children designed kitchen pledges to reduce the use of plastic at home and explored ways in which we could be creative and upcycle our plastic waste.

Emily's Kitchen Plegde

Ms Fitzgerald has also entered our Year 4 children into a recycling competition with Team Harrow, further details to follow soon, watch this space!