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Year 5 Visit to Dominos Pizza

Year 5 visited Dominos as part of their D&T, English (Shakespeare - A winters Tale) and Geography (Exploring Europe) topic where the children focused on Italy. Come and see what they got up to!

The children had a wonderful time making pizzas on their recent visit to Dominos where they all got involved from the ground up! To start the day, the children were introduced to staff working at Dominos who told them a little bit about their role and the activities they got up to during the day. We were then given a tour of the Rayner's Lane takeaway to see how pizzas are made, right down to baking and boxing for delivery.

A member of Dominos staff telling the children about her working day

After our tour of the takeaway, the children were given the opportunity to make their own pizzas alongside a Dominos chef who showed them how to make a simple pizza from scratch. Everyone had great fun doing this and loved creating their own pizzas with the variety of toppings available. Some of the flavour combinations were very creative!

Rolling out and flouring the pizza dough!
Topping our pizzas

When the children had finished making their pizzas, they were allowed to see them going through the giant pizza oven operated by the chef who put each pizza onto a conveyor belt one at a time to cook. Everyone looked on in ore as the pizzas slowly fed into the oven! The smell of cooked pizza was divine!

Pizzas going into the oven to cook!

Whilst our pizzas were being cooked, the children had a go at pizza box making so that they had something to take their cooked pizza home in. This did prove a little fiddly at first, but they soon had the knack and all created some very nice looking pizza boxes!

Building our boxes!

To finish our visit the chef packed up our pizzas into our boxes before we then made the journey back to school where we were allowed to devour them! 

Photos from our visit can be seen by  CLICKING HERE! We hope you enjoy viewing them!