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Christmas Dinner

We had a lovely lunchtime getting into the sprit of Christmas! Come and see what we got up to!

On Wednesday 12th December, the children had their Christmas lunch in the school hall. However, this year there was a twist.......the teachers and TA's also joined them for lunch too! As you can imagine, the excitement from the children was through the roof when they realised!

Miss Mazzi enjoying some Christmas Lunch with her class!

The children and staff were all cooked a lovely roast dinner by the kitchen that came with all the trimmings. I can safely say that this was perfection! Myself and the children enjoyed our meals greatly, thank you to all the ISS staff who cooked our meals!

Our roast dinner, the photo does not do it justice!
Tucking into our yummy Christmas dinners!

In addition to our roast dinner, the children were all provided with Christmas crackers to pull amongst their peers, or even with their teacher! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this part and loved competing to see who could win the prizes inside. Mr Pugh also made a Christmas playlist with iconic Christmas songs on that everyone loved having a boogie to!

Wearing our Christmas cracker hats!

During the lunch, a group of older children were on hand to keep the hall clear of rubbish and dirty dishes as the younger children finished their festivities. I must say that they all did a fantastic job working alongside our dinner ladies who could not praise their efforts enough! Well done children and thank you for your help!

The older children keeping our hall tidy

Thank you to everyone who made our Christmas lunch a magical time for the children! Especially the kitchen, support and teaching staff who all worked together to set up the hall and clean everything up afterwards. We all look forward to hosting this lunch again next year!