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Design & Technology (2023-24)


Our design and technology curriculum at St Anselm’s intends to develop and apply children’s practical skills by encouraging them to solve problems based on initial exploration of designers and their products. We intend to foster creativity, analytical and critical thinking and develop technical competence which will equip children with essential life skills. It aims to encourage children to take risks and develop new innovative designs and to be reflective learners by giving them opportunities to evaluate their own work. Within our curriculum we value the importance of providing children with a variety of real-life problems to solve which are not just relevant to their own society but also other social contexts. This is done by evaluating a diverse range of past and present designs from around the world. We aim to develop the children’s understanding of electrical components, control systems, mechanisms and structures while understanding and applying the fundamental principles of design, make and evaluate as a process. Our children will be inspired by designers, chefs and engineers to enable them to create a range of structures, mechanisms, textiles, electrical systems, and food products with a real purpose. We also aim to ensure our children understand the historical and cultural development of all Design and Technology forms. We will encourage inquisitive thinking and research skills to better understand the importance and impact of Design and Technology on the wider world.