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Our Curriculum

Our Results 

Performance Data 2017-2018

The Department for Education publishes performance tables for the school based on Key Stage 2 results and school characteristics.  A report can be found on their website by CLICKING HERE.

Attainment Comparison

The bar chart below shows our school's KS2 attainment in comparison to other Harrow schools and National results.

Average Scaled Score

Subject St Anselm's Harrow National 
Reading 111 107 105
GPS 111 109 10
Maths 109 107 104

Greater Depth

Subject St Anselm's Harrow National
Reading 63% 35% 28%
GPS 59% 50% 34%
Maths 49% 37% 24%

Progress Score in Reading, Writing and Maths

Subject St Anselm's
Reading Well above average +5.1
Writing Well above average +4.2
Maths Well above average +4.6